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OurSainsburys is an official Sainsbury’s employees online portal created for the Sainsbury employees to provide easy access to their work-related information such as payslips, benefits, work schedules, Sainsbury’s habitats, argo personal, and some other resources.


To manage and get access to the Ourainsburys employee portal, or Mysainsburys employee portal; you need to sign in at the official Oursainsbury login portal page where you can log in through your employee ID and password and get access to the dashboard.

Oursainsburys was live with the name of Mysainsburys [accessible at Mysainsburys.co.uk] previously but now you can access it at oursainsburys.co.uk website, Where you can get more updated information about the daily basis of your work and news related to Sainsbury’s.


This change is part of a rebranding effort to streamline the user experience and provide a more intuitive interface for employees. The transition signifies Sainsbury’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhancing internal communication and administrative efficiency.

It also aims to empower employees by providing several benefits and resources at their fingertips, making it easier for them to manage their work and personal lives. These features include:

  • Payslip and Work Hours Management: Employees can access detailed information about their payslips and manage their work hours directly through the portal.
  • Company News and Updates: The platform keeps employees informed about the latest company news, job offerings, and updates on benefits.
  • Employee Benefits: Oursainsburys is a gateway to exploring and availing various employee benefits, including discounts at Sainsbury’s, Argos, and Habitat.

Oursainsburys Login Requirements

  • Username Format: Your username is structured as your first name, last name, and the last four digits of your employee number, followed by “@mysainsburys.co.uk” (e.g., [email protected]).
  • Password: Initially, your National Insurance Number, with no spaces and the first letter capitalized. It is recommended to change this after the first login.
  • Updated URL: Ensure you are accessing the current URL, https://www.oursainsburys.co.uk/, to avoid login issues.
  • Microsoft Outlook Login Page: The login page now uses a Microsoft Outlook-based system for authentication.
  • Account Registration: Accounts are created by the HR department or your manager, not through an online sign-up process.
  • Valid National Insurance Number: Required for registration and must be provided to HR or your manager.

How To Login at Oursainsburys.co.uk & Mysainsburys.co.uk

  • Firstly, you need to go to the official Oursainsburys website (https://oursainsburys.co.uk) to log in.
  • It will redirect you to the login.microsoftonline.com website.
  • Then you need to put your Sainsbury Employee ID and click on Next.
  • Now, put your password or National Insurance Number with the first letter capital.
  • After that, Click on the Sign In button.

How to Reset Your Oursainsburys Login Password?

  • First, Go to the Mysainsburys/Oursainsburys Employee Signin Portal Page.
Oursainsburys reset password
  • Click on Can’t Access your account link.
Oursainsbury's reset password for employees
  • Choose your account type, for employees choose a work account by the HR IT department.
  • You will get the Recover your account option.
Mysainsburys reset password
  • Put your Sainsbury’s employee Email ID or Username and fill in the captcha code.
  • Then click on the Next button.
  • Provide the asked information there.
  • Set your new password and click on Submit.

How to Register for Oursainsbury’s Account?

If you’re a Sainsbury’s employee and want to register to their employee portal called oursainsburys.co.uk or mysainsburys.co.uk then you need to ask your HR department or your manager to create your account on oursainsburys login employee portal.

  • You can’t create your account on your own.
  • HR department or Manager can help you create your Sainsbury account.
  • You must have your National Insurance Number.
  • This portal is only for Sainsbury’s colleagues.

MySainsburys Colleague Login Video Guide

Benefits of www.OurSainburys.co.uk Employee Portal

  • Payslip Information
  • Work Schedules
  • Training Materials
  • Employee Benefits and Discounts
  • Sainsbury’s Habitats
  • Argo Personal Resources
  • News and Updates from the Company

Oursainsburys.co.uk or Mysainsburys.co.uk

mysainsburys new portal

Many of the Sainsburys colleagues and employees are still facing difficulty finding the right portal and having confusion between the oursainsburys.co.uk and mysainsburys.co.uk employee portal websites. Let’s clear up the confusion now.

  • Old Portal URL – mysainsburys.co.uk
  • New Portal URL – oursainsburys.co.uk

Mysainsburys Learning

At Sainsbury’s, learning and development are taken seriously. Our Sainsbury portal offers a variety of training programs and resources for employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. This not only benefits the individual in terms of career growth but also adds value to the company by having a skilled workforce.

Mysainsburys Kronos

Kronos is a time and attendance management system used by Sainsbury’s. Through Sainsbury’s, employees can access the Kronos portal to view their work schedules, request time off, and check their hours worked. This ensures accurate and efficient tracking of employee attendance.

Oursainsburys HR Department

The HR department plays a crucial role in the success of any organization. At Mysainsburys, employees can access important HR information such as contact details, policies, and procedures, and even submit requests for leave or changes in personal information.

Mysainsburys Coupons

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Sainsbury’s, employees have access to exclusive discounts and offers through coupons. This not only helps save money but also encourages employee loyalty and engagement.

Oursainsburys/Mysainsburys Payslips

You might have used physical payslips. Through Oursainsburys, employees can easily view and download their payslips online. This saves time and effort for both the employee and the company.

Oursainsburys Reward

Sainsbury’s believes in recognizing and rewarding their employees for their hard work and dedication. Through our Sainsburys, employees can access information about the company’s reward programs such as bonuses, incentives, and employee of the month awards.

Sainsbury’s Staff Discount

As an employee of Sainsbury’s, you are entitled to a staff discount on your purchases at the store. This is not only a great perk but also encourages employees to be brand ambassadors for Sainsbury’s.

Oursainsbury Store Locator

Moreover, with hundreds of stores across the UK, finding the nearest Sainsbury’s can be a challenge. But with our Sainsbury portal, employees can easily locate their nearest store and plan their shopping trips accordingly.

Oursainsburys Career

Sainsbury’s is committed to providing growth and career opportunities to its employees. our Sainsbury employees can access information about internal job postings, and training programs, and even apply for promotions within the company.

Myhr Sainsbury’s Customer Helpline

  • Human Resources – 0800 707 6242
  • Bank Service Desk – 0345 603 4401
  • Depot Service Desk – 0345 603 5538
  • DT Service Desk – 0345 603 2282

About Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is the second-largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury. It currently has over 1500 stores across the UK, serving millions of customers each week with a variety of products such as groceries, clothing, and home goods.

The company values its employees and strives to create a positive work environment. This is evident in their creation of Oursainsbury’s employee portal, making it easier for employees to access important information and resources.

Sainsbury’s also values diversity and inclusion in the workplace, promoting a culture of respect and equality for all employees. They offer various benefits and opportunities for career growth, making it an attractive place to work.

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